Where to Buy Dirndls in Munich (On a Budget!)

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Headed to Munich for Oktoberfest, but not sure where to get a dirndl that won’t cost you your entire trip budget?

Here’s the good news: getting a nice dirndl doesn’t necessarily need to break the bank. Here are some options for finding affordable dirndls in Munich!

1. Flea markets

Especially during the summer, Munich is full of awesome flea markets. There is a great one at Olympiapark on Fridays and Saturdays that sell a lot of great things (including dirndls) for cheap.

2. Second hand shops

Second hand shops in Munich will almost always have some dirndls available (and separate components too like the blouses and aprons).

Often these will be brand new with the tags still on, but available at a steep discount.

NOTE: Many of the second hand shops in Munich (e.g. ReSales) have special discounts for students on certain days or even on special holidays. I got a spring dirndl for 50% off on International Women’s Day one year, which was such a steal.

3. Facebook Marketplace

These days, getting second hand dirndls from Facebook couldn’t be simpler, thanks to Facebook Marketplace. There’s often locals who are trying to sell off old dirndls (many of which are high quality!) so it’s definitely worth checking out.

Browse current listings here.

4. Facebook Groups

In addition to Facebook Marketplace, there are many groups on Facebook specifically meant for people in Munich buying/selling things like clothing, furniture, etc.

Often you’ll find some ladies who are getting rid of their dirndls for a relatively cheap price. You can see some of these groups here, here, and here.

5. eBay Kleinanziegen

In Germany, eBay works kind of like a Classifieds/Craigslist and there are often women selling dirndls on here. The catch is you usually have to go pick it up, which is a hassle but it’s a great way to get a dirndl for cheap! Click here to scope out dirndls currently available.

6. C&A

This is a department store with several locations in Munich. It’s a good middle ground place to get your first dirndl. The quality is okay and the prices are fairly affordable (relatively speaking).

I Hope You Enjoyed This Guide to Buying Cheap Dirndls in Munich!

Let us know in the comments if you have any more recommendations.

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