Armbrustschützenzelt Oktoberfest Tent Guide: Reservations, Photos & More!

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The Armbrustschützenzelt tent at Munich’s world-famous Oktoberfest is best known for its annual crossbow competition and hunting themed decor.

Well if you’re currently planning your own Oktoberfest trip, you might be wondering how to get reservations to the Armbrustschützenzelt tent, or maybe just curious to take a peek inside.

If so, you’re in luck! Read on for an overview of the Armbrustschützenzelt tent at Oktoberfest, from seating capacity and what beer they serve to a (more personal) assessment on the tent’s overall vibe, based on personal experience.

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Armbrustschützenzelt Basic Facts

Beer served at this Oktoberfest tent: Paulaner

Indoor seating capacity: 5,830

Outdoor seating capacity: 1600

How to Get Reservations at the Armbrustschützenzelt

Reservations open: Usually open in mid-April

Reservations made by: Fax, post, online form (for certain dates)

Based on previous years, here is how the system goes: Basically, you can request a reservation by fax or by post, with certain dates bookable through this online form.

Some time slots will soon be blacked out/fully booked, so refer to the colour coded chart they’ve provided to help you understand.

Green slots are bookable via the online form or fax/post, blue and yellow slots are bookable only by fax and post, while red ones are fully booked or unbookable.

Where to send your reservation request: 089/23703705 or by mail to Sparkassenstr. 12, 80331 Munich.

What to include in your reservation request: 

  • Date and time of your reservation
  • Number of people in your party (must be in groups of 10)
  • Complete name/company name and address including email address
  • Fax number
  • Customer number (if available, assuming this is for customers who have reserved in the past)

NOTE: Processing time is said to be about 6 weeks, so if you don’t hear back, hang tight!

Overall Armbrustschützenzelt Decor & Vibe

This tent is known for hosting the annual crossbow competition, and as such, it’s decorated like a hunter’s lodge with a lot of mounted animal heads, taxidermy, hunting motifs, etc.

Even the boxes and balconies take their names after local animals.

Generally speaking, it has fewer tourists than the other big tents at Oktoberfest, and less of a party vibe, so if you’re looking for something more low-key, this might be perfect. Otherwise, we would recommend one of the other large tents if you’re looking for a rowdier experience.

More Photos from the Armbrustschützenzelt

We Hope You Enjoyed This Guide to the Armbrustschützenzelt at Oktoberfest!

Have you been to this tent before? If so, be sure to share your experience in the comments to help other Oktoberfest visitors in the future. Prost!

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