Ochsenbraterei Oktoberfest Tent Guide: Reservations, Photos & More!

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The Ochsenbraterei tent at Munich’s world-famous Oktoberfest is best known for tasty ox specialties and lively party atmosphere.

Well if you’re currently planning your own Oktoberfest trip, you might be wondering how to get reservations to the Ochsenbraterei tent, or maybe just curious to take a peek inside.

If so, you’re in luck! Read on for an overview of the Ochsenbraterei tent at Oktoberfest, from seating capacity and what beer they serve to a (more personal) assessment on the tent’s overall vibe, based on personal experience.

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Ochsenbraterei Basic Facts

Beer served at this Oktoberfest tent: Spaten

Indoor seating capacity: 5900

Outdoor seating capacity: 1500

How to Get Reservations at the Ochsenbraterei

Reservations open: Now

Reservations made by: Online portal here

How to get reservations at the Ochsenbraterei Oktoberfest tent: 

OPTION A: Online portal

When they open reservations, visit their online portal here and choose your preferred date, time and section. Then complete the form to confirm your reservation.

OPTION B: ‘München-Kontingent’ Booking (for Locals Only)

If you live in Munich and have a Munich address on your ID card, then you’re eligible to book a special “München-Kontingent ” table which is reserved for locals.

To access these tables, check out the form on their online portal here.

OPTION C: Try to nab a “spontaneous booking” max 24 hours in advance

A little known secret is the Ochsenbraterei actually has special tables they release a day or two before the actual dates that you can book instantly online.

They call these their “Spontanreservierungen” and you can find the tables on their official reservation portal when they become available during the festival.

Overall Ochsenbraterei Decor & Vibe

I love this tent.

During the day at lunch hour, it’s actually one of the most bustling tents thanks to its delicious ox specialties, but the atmosphere becomes even more magical at night when the lights dim to a cool blue and the band dishes out top modern hits and beloved classics.

To me, it strikes the perfect balance between fun party vibes and classiness. If you’re like me and want a place to belt party songs at the top of your lungs (but NOT get thrown up on), this is a fun tent where the food is delicious!

More Photos from the Ochsenbraterei

We Hope You Enjoyed This Guide to the Ochsenbraterei at Oktoberfest!

Have you been to this tent before? If so, be sure to share your experience in the comments to help other Oktoberfest visitors in the future. Prost!

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